Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gimme A Break!

Phewwwww!  After that long run on Sunday you couldn't strike a match under me and get me off my butt yesterday.  I got a good nap in and some much needed nutrition -- which may or may not have included some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  

Today's Workout: Medium cross train day

Kettlebell Clean and Press Ladder up to 3 with a 24kg K.B.  5x.  
10 pushups after every round for a total of 50
7 minutes of K.B. Swings (24kg K.B.) (50-60% of max effort) 147 swings total. 
1 hour hike @ Radnor lake.

Lesson of the day by Sir Issac Newton:

Every time your foot hits the ground when you are out running, your body is absorbing an equal and opposite force.  The bigger the strike, the bigger the strike back (body weight, speed and efficiency effect the size of the foot strike).  It has been estimated that your body absorbs forces of 1.5 to 3 times your body weight every time your foot strikes the ground.  

I weigh 200lbs, so lets go to the extreme and say I absorb 3x my body weight every time I land.  That would be 600lbs per foot strike.  From my reading, it appears that you have approximately 90 foot strikes a minute (which I am sure can vary widely).  Let's do the math: 600lbs x 90 foot strikes equals 54,000lbs per minute that I am placing on my body while running.  60 minutes multiplied by 54000lbs equals 3,240,000lbs per hour.  I think you get the point.  I deserved my day off and my cookies.  Recovery is key to performance.  Training is the Yang, then recovery is the Yin.  Stay balanced.  


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