Thursday, August 2, 2012

Motivation! August 2nd, 2012

Today it was hard to get motivated to run.  I pulled out my St. Jude Heroes marathon kit and began to look at the pictures of the beautiful children I am running for (Stephie cry's every time she sees them and it makes me tear up) and it was great motivation to get off my rear end. We have no excuses not to take care of our bodies when we are healthy.  Watching the Olympics is inspiring.  There is a man running with no legs.  He has every excuse to not get up in the morning and train but he does and he excels.  God gave us a body that can handle almost anything but it's our minds that become weak.  If we train our body we train our mind.  It will positively effect your job, family, and health if you just get up and move.  You can do it and I can too.  Let's make our families proud.  Let's inspire our co-workers and friends.  Let's do it for the children who are watching and learning from everything we do.  And most of all let's do it for ourselves, God knows we are worth it.  If you have not had a chance to look at my St. Jude's Heroes page please take the time to check it out.


Wild Caught coho salmon, steamed kale, mashed potatoes 

Coconut Milk, Spirulina, frozen mango chunks, 1/2 banana, hemp protein, chia seed smoothie 

Trader joe's blueberry waffles and agave maple syrup mixture, Scrambled egg whites (with one whole egg) 

Scrambled egg whites, oatmeal with raw honey, orange slices, and a glass of ORGANIC milk.

Marathon Training August 2nd, 2012
5k treadmill run with varying incline .5 to 4.5.  Time:  24:16 (just under 8 min mile)

Duck walk with mini bands
Dynamic stretching

Felt great today after a day off on Wednesday.  Sunday is going to be a big test for me with a 12 mile run on my horizon.  I embrace the challenge and I am thankful I am healthy enough to have this opportunity and I plan to make the most of everyday I have left to train.  Stay tuned for more updates.  I really appreciate your support and those of you who have already donated.  You know who you are and each one of you are very special to me.  Even if you can't donate your encouragement is uplifting.  


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