Thursday, August 9, 2012

Running Behind

Running on-running on empty 
Running on-running blind 
Running on-running into the sun 
But I'm running behind 

The above lyrics sum up how I felt today on my run.  My hamstrings were still very sore from the 147 kettlebell swings I performed on Tuesday.  My calves were killing me from my 3 mile run yesterday (might have pushed it too hard).  I am just hoping that one day I am going to wake up and my legs are going to feel great through this whole process.  

I can tell you 3 purchases I am making this weekend.
1.  Bluetooth sport headphones (I hate cords)
2.  Ipod touch (I can download running apps and its Bluetooth)
3.  Trigger Point Performance, The Grid, Revolutionary Foam Roller (massages the muscles to help flexibility and recovery)

Reasoning for the above purchases:
First off, I am due for a reward for myself for working so hard and sticking to my workouts even when it's hard to fit it in my schedule.  Secondly, I need some music to distract me enough that I don't think about the pain and the distance.  And finally, the grid will hopefully help my muscles recover faster after workouts.  

Marathon Workout 8/9/12

6 mile run (this picture sums it up)  

Don't you just love the turtle.  Very motivating.

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