Wednesday, July 25, 2012

12 weeks out from my first marathon

For those of you who know me, you should know I really hate running.  I recently read a book about the life of Pat Tillman and was inspired by his desire to face challenges.  I chose to run a marathon because it is my most hated and feared athletic endeavor and in the process I plan to raise money for St.Jude.  St. Jude is a charity close to mine and Stephie's (my girlfriend) hearts.  We both spent time in this type of hospital when we were children.

I am just over 12 weeks out from the Marine Corp marathon.  My training method includes very little long distance running and a lot of high intensity interval training so I'm a little nervous but I am sticking to my plan.  I rocked yesterdays workout which included 10x200m sprints (37 seconds each on the treadmill with 1:30 rest in between each).  This workout was brutal even though the total mileage was only just over a mile.

Today I rowed 45s rested 45s, rowed 1:30 rested 1:30, rowed 3:00 and rested 3:00 and repeated this for a total of 3 times which I accrued a total of 4455 total meters (almost 3 miles).  I also did 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 body weight squats as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes for a total of 7 rounds (I was huffing and puffing by the end).

I plan to go on a strict diet the next 12 weeks to maximize my training and recovery.  Running may be 90% mental but I believe training is 90% diet.  This is to ensure adequate rest and recovery from such high intensity workouts.

My endurance is slowly increasing however each day the workout is a major challenge.  I am finding them to be physically and most of all mentally challenging.  I do not know what is going to help me more come race day the physical or the mental conditioning.  I have included quotes about the mental aspects of running.  Hope they help you as they have helped me.

"You have to want it, you have to plan for it, you have to fit it into a busy day, you have to be mentally tough, you have to use others to help you. The hard part isn't getting your body in shape. The hard part is getting your mind in shape."
-Amby Burfoot
 "Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like the muscles of the body."
-Lynn Jennings

 "The only one who can tell you 'you can't' is you. And you don't have to listen."

"There are people who have no bodies, only heads. And many athletes have no heads, only bodies. A champion is a man who has trained his body and his mind, who has learned to conquer pain for his own purposes. A great athlete is at peace with himself and at peace with the world; he has fulfilled himself. He envies nobody."
-Coach Sam Dee

"Even when you have gone as far as you can, and everything hurts, and you are staring at the specter of self-doubt, you can find a bit more strength deep inside you, if you look closely enough."
-Hal Higdon

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